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Central NY Area Labor Federation 2016 Endorsements

Katelyn Evans
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NYS AFL-CIO Endorsements in the 11 county area of the
 Central NY Area Labor Federation, AFL-CIO

A list of all of the NYS races can be found here: Federal races here:

In the area of the Central NY Area Labor Federation, the following candidates were endorsed:

NYS Assembly

AD 120 Barclay, William (R-C-I-REF)
AD 121 Magee, William (D-I)
AD 122 Crouch, Clifford (R)
AD 123 Lupardo, Donna (D-WF)
AD 125 Lifton, Barbara (D-WF)
AD 126 Dwire, Diane (D-WF-WE)
AD 127 Stirpe, Jr., Albert (D-WF-WE)
AD 128 Hunter, Pamela (D-WF-I-WE)
AD 129 Magnarelli, William (D-WF-I-WE)
AD 130 Oaks, Bob (R-C)

NYS Senate
SD 42 Bonacic, John (R-C-I-REF)
SD 48 Ritchie, Patty (R-C-I-REF)
SD 50 Defrancisco, John (R-C-I-REF)
SD 51 Seward, James (R-C-I-REF)
SD 52 Akshar, Frederick(R-C-I-REF)
SD 53 Valesky, David (D-I-WE)
SD 54 Review After Primary

House of Representatives
CD 19 Teachout, Zephyr (D-WF)
CD 23 Plumb, John (D-WF)

If you would like to volunteer to help with labor walks / phone banks to support these candidates - please contact field coordinator Wendy Colucci at 315-383-2712 or